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Model: the ACT - 9800

Using UHF PLL circuit to fit the sound code and lock the mute control noise, not only receives the distance, and eliminate the staccato and receive instability, prevent the jukebox, computer, DVD drive radiated noise interference, etc

Filled with the world's first I R channel automatic lock button, as long as one click, you can immediately make launcher automatic accurate channel receiver work, not an error and failure.

Left 1 u metal case built-in double channel receiving module, separating harmonic radiation interference has a strong, heat-resisting and professional quality.

Filled with functions of automatic channel search without interference, as long as one click UP/DOWN, receiver automatically scan as soon as the default group of 200 independent of frequency, and lock the work channel without interference.

Derive the machine type is device, use the most convenient, most powerful, most easily features the most stable luxury models, can sing in various complex environment, access to the most satisfactory results.

Filled with multiple patents, by the multinational waves and regulation and safety certification.

His band width: 50 MHZ

Cardiac frequency interval: 250 kh

Cardiac carrier frequency: UHF 620 ~ 950 MHZ

Cardiac channel group number: double channel

His case material: metal chassis

Cardiac chassis specifications: EIA standard 1 u

Scope: cardiac karaoke rooms

His radio frequency stability: + / - 0.005% (10 ~ 50 ℃)

Cardiac oscillation mode: PLL phase locking frequency synthesis

Derive the swappable frequency count: 200

His reception mode: choose double tuner automatic dispatch

Cardiac frequency adjustment: as long as one click UP/DOWN buttons; Can automatically scan immediately and lock the preset

Channel is left undisturbed. As long as a press SET key, it can make the transmitter automatically after lock immediately

Cardiac channel receiver the same work.


T - 98 handheld

With LCD display, the transmitting channel, the power capacity at the same time

Derive internal hold power lock switches,

Cardiac can prevent user misuse

Derive maximum input voltage: 140 db SPL

Derive maximum deviation degree: the + 70 KHZ

Cardiac optional head moving coil.

Filled with two sections 5 batteries.

Optional accessories

Japan's battery

2000 the an

1.2 V can be used cycle recharge!

Using 6 to 7 hours time!

Available with a smart charger

The charger can achieve 5 battery, charging,

Can also be rechargeable batteries!

The charger work is displayed when a red light,

At the end of the work shows a green light!

Optional words crystal stents

Multifunctional crystal microphone holder, to develop artificial materials, the depth of the hole not less than 4 cm.

Diameter in line with international standards.

Not less than 3 kg in weight.

Color: colorful.

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